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Toilet seats are a fact of life and they are HARD.  

What are the most common problems with toilet seats for people in less than perfect health?
   1)     lack of cleanliness
   2)     uncomfortable against bony bottoms
   3)     skin shear created while transferring
   4)     pain from existing compromised skin - decubitus ulcers aka bed sores
   5)     length of time spent sitting on toilet
   6)     hard surface constricts blood and air flow
   7)     bare skin against toilet seat
   8)     heat from sitting on seat
   9)     sweat/moisture trapped against skin
 10)     lack the comfort - THAT all the EXPENSIVE OFF toilet positioning aids don't help
 11)     used by more than one person - seat gets moved
 12)     3/4" height eliminates patient retraining by OT; no change is perceived by patient
 13)     unlike other pads -  this pad stays firmly attached to toilet seat
 14)     need for product with simple maintenance
 15)     toilet too low for easy transfer

The Dimensional Gel Toilet Seat Pad & Cover addresses ALL except for #15.  

It works so well because it is THIN; itís only 3/4 inch thick and 1/2 inch is GEL.  Thicker GEL is undesirable because it does not increase comfort - may require OT retraining - increases cost - and is a little more work to maintain.

Toilet seats manufactured and sold as "soft toilet seats " have a solid cover over foam with a hole in the bottom of the cover to allow air to escape from the foam.  This is why they make noise.  They tend to split when a heavier person sits on them repeatedly.   The solid cover creates a build up of sweat and heat.  The foam flattens and is not particularly effective as a means of softening the toilet seat.

What's important about this Gel Ovationsô pad and cover?
   1)    It is removable for washing and extra covers can be purchased.
   2)    It can be washed and dried with its cover on it.
   3)    It can be washed with a standard mild bleach solution (1 to 10 H2O).  Rinse well.
   4)    5 sizes to fit most toilets including bariatric: DTE  DTR  DTES  DTB  and DTBS
   5)    There's no Velcro to wear out or become both dirty and difficult to clean.
   6)    The hidden zipper makes it easy to remove cover from pad.
   7)    The flaps make it easy to attach and remove from seat.
   8)    Rubber bottom makes entire pad stay put on the seat.
   9)    Stretch nylon & dimensional GEL shape allows airflow to carry away heat & moisture.
  10)   The smooth stretch nylon facillates comfortable transfers.
  11)   The airflow facilitates healing compromised skin.
  12)   Easy ON-OFF makes pad easy to use.